Laton Unified School District is located in a small rural community west of Highway 99 and north of Highway 198. LUSD is comprised of three schools: Laton High School, Conejo Middle School, Laton Elementary School, and Laton Preschool. Our community is diverse, so students have the opportunity to interact with other students of various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our community is surrounded by pastures, orchards, vineyards and oak trees growing along the Kings River. Most students of LUSD are born and raised here and attend kindergarten through twelfth grade. Because we are part of a small community, students have the opportunity to participate in many activities that would not be offered to them at a larger school district.

Laton Unified School District offers safe, well manicured schools, and employs many caring and talented people who are dedicated to our students and to the District. Laton Unified School District is a great place to grow and achieve. Recently, LUSD renovated schools, including new roofs to all four school sites and plans are currently underway to modernize Laton High School. Although the school sites are just over 50 years, the excellent maintenance staff at LUSD has helped keep the school sites looking great! If you are in the area, please stop by and visit! 

Our vision at Laton Unified of "Closing the Achievement Gap" means ensuring each student reaches his or her full potential, regardless of ethnic background or economic status. We are proud of our students and we believe in celebrating the cultural diversity of our community.

Our Beliefs and Values (developed by teachers, principals, superintendent, and school board members on January 13, 2014 and adopted by the Laton Unified School Board, February, 2014).

We want a unified effort to help students increase their knowledge and creative potential. We want a culture that builds partnerships across the District with mutual trust and respect. We believe in a working and learning environment that encourages the necessary critical thinking and creative ideas that solves important challenges and problems. We believe in work-group-support characterized by feedback, collaboration, flexibility, trust, and a safe environment that encourages us to risk. We want to build rapport and positive communication from the student level to the governance team. Because we work in small district, we want to capitalize on building individual strengths.